We donate to local charities in Houston Texas such as Star of Hope because we believe that when we all come together the world is a better place.   

Women, regardless of their social or financial status, should have access to the Highest Quality products especially when it comes to sanitary pads.

- During Hurricane Harvey, Petal Club was there to help out, so we partnered with Tarik Rever and the Houston Area Women's Center and Tar and donated Petal products, please click on the link below to view the video:

Petal Club Honors the Houston Area Women's Center

- 11/21/2018 The Houston Chronicle wrote an article about this partnership please read more

- 11/27/2018 we donated pads to a Beth Wise the head of a charity in Denver Colorado, Beth was so touched with our donation and she sent us the following message:

Dear Petal Club,
The package arrived today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude!!! You are truly  wonderful. I will be leaving great reviews so everyone can know how amazing you  are. I know giving calls us to be humble, but i want you to know how truly  amazing and wonderful you are. 
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!
Peace and Love (and so much gratitude!) 
Beth Wise. 

- 11/29/2018 Beth Wise posted a super nice thank you video, please check it out.


Sanitary pads are mostly affordable in our world, however, in most countries in the under-developed world they are considered luxury items.   

School girls in Kenya, according to a recent study, are dropping out of school because they feel ashamed during their periods. 

We can't guarantee that we will empower all young women in the world, but we believe that a mile walk starts with one step, therefore, we partnered with a reputable women organization in Kenya and they are helping us donate our products to school girls in rural areas. We have created a marketing campaign under the theme: "On your behalf, we donate one pad for every pack".

 January 2019 - Winter Campaign 

Winter of 2019 was one of the  coldest winters for the residents of the Atlas mountains in Morocco. However, that did not stop our Petal team to reach out to the women and donated our petal boxes on behalf of our petal club members. Here are some pictures from this campaign: