How it all started

  My name is Mustapha Laribi. My background is in advanced materials and I hold a Masters' degree from the university of Stockholm Sweden. My wife and friends have always complained that the sanitary pads offered in the US markets always fall short in absorbency. During my initial research I found a company in China offering sanitary pads similar to the ones I started working on.

I took a trip to China and after a month of research and development I was able to develop samples that I brought back home for testing. The initial products were somewhat OK but they still lacked the level of absorbency that I had in mind, so I made many changes that I proposed to the manufacturer and they agreed to make more samples based on my design. They sent me the second batch of samples and I was satisfied with the level of absorbency. I approached my business partner and we decided to pursue our mission.  

We designed our first commercial version of the products and we started selling them in New York city. Our first experience was very successful. In a very short period of time we were selling in 300 stores but we still needed to make our products better.  We took all the feedback that we could get from our family and friends and we implemented the second version of our products and this time we had a better story to tell. 

We landed our first large retailer, HEB, in Texas and we started selling in Texas.  We continued to enhance our products through the feedback that we received. 

Our mission is three-fold

To change the way women feel about their periods. We know we can't stop the period of our club members but we can make it a pleasant one by providing them with high quality products and pampering them with extras. 

To donate our products to women in other parts of the world as well as local women shelters. Sanitary pads are considered luxury items in other parts of the world so our promise to our members is that we donate one box for every 10 boxes purchased through our web site. 

To empower women by purchasing our extras from women owned businesses in the US and other parts of the world.