Necessity is the mother of invention

  When my wife had our second child she was admitted at a hospital in Brooklyn NY. Unfortunately she was having heavy bleeding and all the hygienic pads that were given to her were cotton based and did not help her at all.  I decided to go online and find a better product, to my surprise, every product that she tried was disappointing.  

My background is in absorbent materials and I hold a Masters degree from the university of Stockholm Sweden. It drove me insane that there was not a single product that could help her out. I was so disappointed that none of the existing products could rise to the challenge so the Petal story began.  

My partner and I decided to pursue this venture so we designed our first version of the products and we tested the markets in New York city. Our first experience was very successful. In a very short period of time we were selling in 300 stores but we still needed to make our products better.  We took all the feedback that we can get and implemented the second version of our products and this time we had a better story to tell. 

We landed our first large retailer, HEB, in Texas and we started selling in Texas.  We continue to enhance our products through the feedback that we receive from our customers and close friends. 

Our mission is to change the way women feel about their periods. We know we can't stop the period but we can change the way every one of our customers goes through her period. 

We want to make sure that we are providing women with the highest quality products, that we are shipping plenty of pads so no woman is caught by surprise when the next period arrives. We are also shipping Cramp Relief Heating Patches, Alcohol free hygienic wipes, pH-testers and much more.  

We realized that the only way we could make our mission come true is to take our products online using subscription e-commerce, hence the birth of my Petal Club.