Sanitary Pads, Panty Liners and Extras delivered to your door on time every time

  chemical free, no toxins, no fragrances, and no allergens 

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your period, let us pamper you

It is true that we can't stop your period but we guarantee that you will be pampered. You have different boxes to choose from depending on your period. You can cancel any time and you can switch to a different box any time you would like

Our Period Box Contains

Regular Flow  Pads (ULTRA-THIN Medium with Wings)

Heavy Flow  Pads (ULTRA-THIN Long with Wings)

Panty Liners


Skin Care Facial Mask

Midol (Menstrual Cramp Relief)

Hygiene Wipes


Herbal Tea (Zero Calories)

Why join my Petal club?

Our mission is to empower women by donating pads to women shelters locally and other parts of the world. On January of 2019 we completed our winter campaign in the Atlas mountains of Morocco where we donated many boxes on your behalf. Please read more in our philanthropy page.

How It Works - 3 Simple Steps

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