Club Members' Reviews

Shelli - Toledo, OH

I'm really pleased with my first box from my Petal Club! It had all the essentials (lots of extra too) and even a little heating pad! The packaging is lovely; I don't know how they do it. The value is there, shipping was great and I would highly recommend them!!

Tabby- Oklahoma City, OK  

This is the best value ever. I got a month's worth of supplies for only $10. It saves money and I don't have to go to the store at random times of the day/night.

Robin - Edison, NJ

I received your box as a gift, I absolutely loved it so I am planning on becoming a member.

Ouahiba - Houston, TX 

I ventured out with Petal and I am glad I did. My period comes and goes and I always have plenty of pads left.

Julia - Fayetteville, NC 

I bought your pads for my daughter initially, both her and I love them.

Bethany - Boone, NC 

Bethany is an independent successful blogger who purchased our box and loved it so much. She wrote her own review which she published on her Blog,  Please click this link to read the full review.